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Who Is Pyrrhus Software?

Pyrrhus Software’s mission is to provide long-lived, proven software solutions for application development, training, project management and quality assurance. Pyrrhus offers enduring solutions that meet and exceed your software needs. Our team of engineers, each with more than 15 years of experience, can provide you with expert engineering services. Pyrrhus Software is a small, woman-owned business located in Scottsdale Arizona. 



Public SPARK Training courses, September 2007 in Bath, UK.


High Integrity Software in Modern Military Architectures”, Military Technologies Conference 2007, 27-28 March 2007.


SPARK deployed to develop the new UK National Air Traffic Services (NATS), March 2007.


2007-01-24:  Amendment to ISO/IEC 8652 was approved by ISO, last step is to publish the document.


Building secure software: Your language matters!” ,  Military Embedded Systems Magazine, Winter 2006.


2006-06-12::  Praxis High Integrity Systems produce zero-defect security software for US National Security Agency .


2006-06-06:  Technical Work on Ada 2005 Standard Completed.


“Using the SAE Architecture Analysis and Design Language (AADL) Standard in the Analysis and Development of Mission Critical Embedded Systems,” Systems and Software Technology Conference, 1-4 May 2006.


2006-02-28:  Rockwell Collins Selects SPARK for High-Grade Programmable Cryptographic Engine


The article entitled "The Exterminators" in the September (2005) issue of IEEE Spectrum magazine highlights the benefits of SPARK and Praxis’s correctness by construction methodology.

Pyrrhus Software signs a Partnership Agreement with I-Logix

Pyrrhus Software signs an agreement with Praxis Critical Systems for the Sales and Support of the Praxis SPARK toolset.

Our Partners:

Praxis High Integrity Systems




Pyrrhus Software Engineering Services


Application Development for Safety-Critical, Real-Time Embedded Systems:

From device drivers to flight control systems; from test sets to operating systems; Pyrrhus Software provides experienced engineering services with proven results in numerous real-time, safety-critical software applications including: 

·         Operating Systems – Windows 2000, Windows NT, UNIX, Linux, CsLEOS, VxWorks, OS/2, Vax/VMS, ARINC 653, Ravenscar

·         Programming Languages – Ada, C/C++, COBOL, FORTRAN, Java, JOVIAL

·         Development Tools and Methodologies – AADL, CORBA, FAA DO-178B, MIL-STD 2167A, MIL-STD 480, SCA, SPARK, UML.


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SPARK Training Courses

AADL Training Courses

Introduction to SPARK

Modeling with the SAE AADL

Software Engineering with SPARK


Black Belt SPARK



Pyrrhus Software offers you customized training for real-time and safety-critical software development including:

·         Modeling with AADL

·         Software Engineering with SPARK

·         Programming in Ada 95

·         Real-Time Programming in Ada 95

·         Introduction to ASIS

·         Programming in Ada 83

·         Real-Time Programming in Ada 83

·         Transitioning from Ada 83 to Ada 95

·         Transitioning between Ada and C/C++ and/or Java


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Project Management & Quality Assurance:

Pyrrhus Software offers you project management and quality assurance.  Our engineers have experience with the following:

·         Extreme Programming Methods

·         Agile Programming Methods

·         Configuration Management including ClearCase and RCS

·         ISO 9000

·         SEI Capability Maturity Model

·         SEI Personal Software Process 

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Some of Our Clients:

·         SEAKR Engineering

·         US Army

·         Boeing

·         Raytheon

·         US Air Force


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Pyrrhus Software Will Meet and Exceed Your Needs

with Enduring Solutions!



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A little more about our Team,

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