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Data Recovery

Several families of data recovery suites provide comprehensive recovery solutions for Microsoft Office, email and database applications. We specialize in recoving data from damaged Hard Disks and have a Clean Room.

OfficeRecovery suites provide recovery solutions for various needs and budgets.

Data Conversions

We have several data conversion systems at our facility to fit almost every data conversion need our customers may require. We require our conversion customers to supply the following information when ordering this service:
System that created the dataType of media the
data resides onIf 9-Track or MAG Cartridge Tape:
Are headers present?
Are labels omitted?
Record length
Block size

Record count Type of media requested:

Floppy 3.5" or 5.25"
Type of format requested:
ASCII comma delimited text
Text only w/line breaks [ *.txt ]
Text only w/layout [ *.ans ]
MS-DOS Text [ *.txt ]
MS-DOS Text w/layout [ *.asc ]
Rich Text Format [ *.rtf]
Explicit instructions for data manipulation:
Record ordering
Record formatting
Field formatting
Save as: Spread Sheet format
Save as: HTML format
Save as: Word Processor format
Save as: Macintosh format
Latest Date/Time required.
(if applicable)
Shipping requirements.
(if applicable)
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