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Online Backup Service For Your Business
You insure your business. What about your business' data? Our Backup Service plans at A LEVEL HIGHER help ensure that your critical information is always available.

Internet Connectivity
Since the emergence of the commercial Internet, our clients have trusted us to deliver high quality Internet services. Every corporation, business, and individual is different, so we customize our services to fit your needs. Please contact us today to find out about our full range of services and free initial consultation.

Website Services
Get the attention you deserve. SSI, through strategic planning and creativity, can offer you the best Graphic Design and Website solution to help make your business stand out. See what we've accomplished for our clients.

Hardware and Network Installation, Configuration and Troubleshooting
With over 20 years in the computing business, our technical staff is qualified to provide solutions and troubleshoot issues with local and wide area networks, Microsoft Windows Workstation and Server products (9x, NT, 2000, 2003, Professional, XP), UNIX, Linux and PICK/D3 servers, just to name a few.

Syspac Integrated Software Suite
As a software manufacturing company since 1982, Systems Solutions Inc. has developed a comprehensive library of software modules that can be licensed to various businesses. These modules are duly copyrighted as "SYSPAC" and established in the USA. These modules are completely integrated and utilize nested relational database models. The SYSPAC software environment is very "OPEN" and is compatible with industry standards such as UNIX, LINUX, MICROSOFT, SQL, .NET, just to name a few, with graphical or character based options. Find out how SYSPAC can help your organization be more productive and profitable.

Custom Software
Our group has the technical expertise to customize any application, modify the existing SYSPAC modules, or develop something new to your specification. We are also experienced in evaluating, adjusting, and enhancing software products already developed by other organizations.

Computer Repair