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SYSPAC Interior Design

This module was designed to offer modern design studios a complete software package which maintains client proposals and sales agreements along with the creation of vendor purchase orders, client invoicing, and complete job tracking.

Features Include

• Client proposals allowing unlimited subdivision of the work to be performed into individual product and task lines with unlimited description for each line.
• The ability to specify multiple vendor purchase order lines for each product or task line defined on the client side of the proposal.
• After client approves the proposal, the ability to print a sales agreement with balance due calculated after the application of the customary deposit.
• Creation of vendor purchase orders for all product and task lines from the proposal accepted by the client. Permits unlimited description for each line either copied over from the client proposal or individually worded in terms especially understandable to vendors.
• Creation of client invoices as products or tasks from the proposal are received, delivered, or performed. The ability to apply the deposit received to the individual invoices as a specified percent of the amount invoiced, to all the early invoices, to all the final invoices, or a specific dollar amount chosen at the time of invoicing.
• Automatic calculation of profit and loss (the difference between client invoiced amount and vendor purchase order cost) by individual product or task line, by proposal, by job, and by client.
• The ability to interface with the SYSPAC Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger modules.

Detail project specifications which includes the ability to define items, remarks, manufacturers, and vendors that all provide information for the furniture and finish specifications

• The layout or description of a project is defined by furniture and finish sections with multiple areas and sub-areas permitted.
• The detail furniture and finish specifications allow entry of multiple line items for style, finish, size, and quantity per area.

System permits the building of data files for items, remarks, manufacturers, and vendors. As a specification is being entered, these data files are used to supply detail information to the specification after simple codes are entered.

When a manufacturer is entered into the system, a prime vendor or source can be assigned or linked to the manufacturer. When building a specification, entry of a manufacturer will automatically retrieve the associated vendor or source for the product.

A simple studio inventory that permits the entry of item cost, retail, and sale prices. Items purchased can be tied to purchase order numbers and items sold can be linked to completed sales agreements. In addition, quantity-on-hand is balanced to physical count. Numerous reports are available to assist in the analysis of your current inventory.

Specifications including

• Remarks

• Vendors

• Furniture

• Window Treatments

• Atwork/Accessories

• Bedspreads-Labor/Fabric

• Lighting

• Upholstery/Furniture

• Manufacturers

• Projects

• Finish Specs

• General/Other

• Casegoods/Cabinetry

• Floor Covering

• Wallcovering

Client proposals with unlimited description

• Client invoices
• Client deposits
• Client sales agreements
• Vendor purchase orders for accepted items
• Delinquent vendor order report
• Master proposal report with complete proposal status, including vendor information
• Line item profit / loss
• Interfaces with studio inventory
• Integrated with SYSPAC General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Payroll
• Complete audit trail
• Comprehensive user reference guide


• Remarks
• Manufacturers
• Projects
• Finish Specs
• Artwork/Accessories
• Bedspreads
Case goods/Cabinetry
• Labor/Fabric
• Wall Covering
Window Treatments
• Upholstery/Furniture
• Job Data
• Deposits


• Items
• Remarks
• Vendor
• Furniture specs
• Finish specs
• Specifications
Sales agreement
• Delinquent vendor P.O.
Invoiced items
• Master proposal
Daily sales
• Profit/Loss
Job data
• Inventory
Inventory history
• Physical inventory