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SYSPAC Inventory Control System

• Multi-entity, multi-warehouse Inventory Control System by receipt layer, lot, and/or SKU#
• Hierarchy of codes and pricing structures with extended pricing structures available
• User defined multiple units of measure allowed per inventoried item
• Time-saving defaults and codes utilized for automatic display/calculations and General ledger distributions
• Maintain costs, retail and professional prices with comprehensive price matrix for pricing defaults
• Cross-reference inventory on category, sub-category, model, item description, or User-defined word(s)
• Unlimited lines of entry for description, technical description, and notes
• Indicate if inventory is stocked, taxable, for sale, use or other, part of a kit, etc.
• Bar code interface capability
• View inventory status by warehouse
• Quantity on hand, ordered, back ordered, committed, and date expected
• Maintain substitution information
• Serialized, non-serialized, and lot tracking available
• Economic Order Quantities (EOQ), reorder points, & lead times per warehouse
• Categorized and sub-categorized inventory
• Build kits from items in inventory
• Materials Requirements Analysis for Just In Time (JIT) inventory control
• Transaction history inquiry with complete audit trail of inventory movement
• Adjustments include quantity on hand, costs, and inventory transfers
• Purge capability
• Integrated with other SYSPAC distribution modules, SYSPAC General Ledger, and SYSPAC Accounts Receivable
• Comprehensive user reference guide
• User-friendly help screens which can be edited by the user


• Price list
• Quantity on hand
• Transaction report
• Layer report
• Exception report
• Inventory reconciliation report
• Physical count worksheet
• Master report
• Status report
• Warehouse transfers
• Kits
• Inventory margin by part
• Order margin by product
• Items database
• Very comprehensive, can be customized for a given application
• Flexible item number system
• Description (short & long)
• Ability to categorize the items database
• Ability to subcategorize also
• Maintenance of the manufacturer
• Maintenance of the model #
• Ability to search the item by cross-referencing any attribute in the database.