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SYSPAC Medical Billing & Records

Whether your position entails the front desk, claim processing, accounting, laboratory, etc., SYSPAC Medical Billing & Records was designed with you and your functions in mind. Features of the standard and extended Medical software application are briefly described below

• Multi-entity, multi-location, menu driven
• All patient information accessible from one screen
• Unlimited diagnosis & procedure codes per patient encounter/super bill
• Extensive transaction and treatment history inquiry capability with print options
• On-line help screens and hardbound user guide
• Extensive cross-reference search routines
• Interfaces with SYSPAC Accounting, Office Automation, and Word Processing
• Custom programming or program modifications available
• Electronic claims, paper claims, or both
• Multiple billing codes
• Extensive analysis reports
• Customized form layout and printing available
• Time-saving defaults and routines
• Laboratory software available
• Multiple security levels available
• Training available on-site or at training center
• Telephone support available