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SYSPAC Library of Software

As a software manufacturing company since 1982, Systems Solutions Inc. has developed a comprehensive library of software modules that can be used by various businesses. These modules are fully integrated and utilize relational database concepts. The SYSPAC software environment is very "OPEN" and is compatible with industry standards such as UNIX, LINUX, MICROSOFT, SQL, .NET, just to name a few, with graphical and/or character based options.

SYSPAC Modules


Our software library follows the multi-industry SYSPAC Model. Most multi-industry, multi-entity, multi-location organizations can utilize our software modules to automate their operations and accounting. The industry specific software modules are customizable to work for the client via a set of logical switches. SYSPAC can accommodate several environments. Each module of SYSPAC can be a stand alone application as well as an integrated part of an entire system. If the entire model is used, the integration of data is complete. It revolves around the address master system and flows through the operations and accounting modules in a seamless manner. The SYSPAC model believes that a business should spend more time servicing the products that have made them successful and less time on the tasks related to billing, the inventory control, the accounting and data analysis. SYSPAC simplifies these accounting and analysis functions.