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SYSPAC Water/Sewer/Refuse Billing System

This application maintains accurate and up-to-date customer, rate, meter reading, and transaction records which are used for billing, in-house accounting, and quick retrieval of information when needed. Complete Customer Information

• Name, address, phone
• Meter information
• Deposit information
• Current ges and payments
• Aged outstanding balances

Transaction Entry

• Payments
• Late payment fees
• Deposits
• Credits, debits, etc.
• Tax
• Remarks
• Type of transaction

Customer Label

• Full name and address
• Individually printed
• Printed in a batch by location

Meter Readings

• Rate and water usage calculations
• Previous meter reading
• Current meter reading and date
• Automatic calculation of gallons used
• Automatic calculation of amount, tax, and total
• Comments
• Entered in a batch by route number
• Individually entered

Accounting Interfacing

• General ledger
• Accounts receivable


• Delinquency report
• Deposit refunds
• Aged trial balance
• Print bills
• Annual revenue report

Inquiry Screen

• Transaction history


• Rate listing
• Customer listing
• Transaction code listing
• Print meter reading sheets